Specialized workshop explores using creativity for self-expression in therapy. Gain knowledge & skills in art, movement & play for personal growth.

Exploring Expressive Therapies

Workshop Description

This specialized workshop invites you to explore how imagination & creative forms of expression can be utilized to cultivate self-expression and make therapy sessions more meaningful. Through an immersive learning experience, participants will gain in-depth knowledge and skills on how creative expression such as art, movement & play can bring insight & foster personal growth in therapeutic settings. 

Topics Covered

1. Understanding Expressive Therapies: 

This segment will delve into the fundamentals of expressive therapies, covering topics such as core components & principles through participant led discussions & case studies. 

2. Drama/Movement Therapy: 

With a focus on the mind-body connection & imagination, drama/movement therapy nurtures emotional expression through role-plays, improvisational techniques and more. 

3. Art Therapy: 

This modality involves visual art media such as drawing, doodling, painting & more to gain insight & develop new coping skills. 

4. Writing or Poetry Therapy: 

Writing Therapy involves activities such as journaling, poetry & creative writing as therapeutic tools to help clients process their thoughts & emotions effectively. 




Jul 20 - 21 2024


Saturday & Sunday
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm




Karma Care
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