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Internship & Training in Applied Psychology (60 Hours)

☑ This internship will help you understand the basics of clinical psychology through a combination of roleplays, case studies, and experiential insights in our classes.

☑ The primary objective is to equip students with the requisite skills for a career in therapy, emphasizing practical abilities necessary for therapists.

☑ The program will provide an introduction to the journey of becoming a practicing psychotherapist, covering a range of mental health concerns and disorders.

☑ The internship will be taken by trained mental health professionals.

Psychology extends far beyond textbook theories. Yet academic learning often limits budding professionals, making them feel restricted and unsatisfied. This workshop provides an outstanding opportunity for personal and professional growth no matter your experience level. Students can gain insight into applied psychology career paths, while seasoned professionals can expand their skills and explore new directions. Explore how psychological principles are applied and can be useful across diverse contexts from social sectors to therapy rooms.

Some of the topics that would be covered in the internships are as follows:


  • Understanding Your Own Biases and Discrimination:

    Examine personal prejudices and how to mitigate them through reflective practices for more ethical therapeutic work. This session will provide frameworks for identifying biases as well as strategies to counteract them.

  • Existential Therapy Techniques:

    Learn approaches to help clients find meaning and purpose in their lives and face core existential issues like death, freedom, and isolation. You will gain skills for using existential therapy to explore client values, responsibility, mortality, and other deep human concerns.

  • Family Therapy:

    Understand systems theories and how to facilitate change in family relationship patterns and dynamics. This module outlines structural, strategic, and other family therapy models to shift dysfunction and improve family functioning.

  • Intersectionality and Ethics in Practice:

    Explore how gender, race, class and other aspects of identity intersect and impact the therapeutic process. Apply an ethical, culturally humble approach. Develop knowledge of intersectionality theory and cultural competence for equitable, socially conscious practice.





Mar 04 - 29 2024


Monday - Friday
2:30 pm - 5:30 pm




Karma Center
F 7/7 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

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