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Internship & Training in Experiential Counselling (40 Hours)

☑ This internship will help you understand the basics of clinical psychology through a combination of roleplays, case studies, and experiential insights in our classes.

☑ The primary objective is to equip students with the requisite skills for a career in therapy, emphasizing practical abilities necessary for therapists.

☑ The program will provide an introduction to the journey of becoming a practicing psychotherapist, covering a range of mental health concerns and disorders.

☑ The internship will be taken by trained mental health professionals.

We believe that the best sort of learning happens when we apply it practically. Join this webinar series that is centred in the roleplays and case discussions. Each week we will tackle a different sort of population and receive simultaneous feedback. Roleplay will encourage self-reflection and self-awareness. By embodying different roles and experiencing various emotions and situations, you will gain insights into your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. The week will involve one theory class, followed by role play sessions and case discussions.

Some of the topics that would be covered in the internships are as follows:


  • NSSI and suicide:

    This topic will focus on how one can work with clients who self-harm and have suicidal ideations/wishes. The session will consist of a foundational theory focusing especially on risk assessment with such clients followed by case discussions and role plays.

  • Grief and Bereavement:

    The session on grief and bereavement aims to enhance students’ understanding of the concept of grief and how it manifests in individuals. Students will learn how to identify different grief responses and explore ways to support clients through the grieving process. A case study and discussion will follow to facilitate deeper comprehension.

  • Queer Affirmative Therapy:

    A lens that affirms the queer community and advocates for them. A pinnacle for Karma Centre’s beliefs and missions. There will be an elaborate discussion on gender and sexuality and how we can be queer-affirmative in our practice.

  • Trauma-Informed:

    This session will focus on the importance of being trauma-informed in counselling practice. Students will gain an understanding of how challenging and traumatic circumstances can impact individuals and their mental health. The session will include a case study and discussion to illustrate the practical applications of a trauma-informed approach.





Mar 04 - 29 2024


Monday - Friday
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm




Online Event
Google Meet / Zoom


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