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Develop practical psychotherapeutic skills through theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. Gain diverse treatment modalities and case analysis techniques.

Internship & Training in Psychotherapy Series (30 hours)

Workshop Description

The goal of this monthly workshop series is to develop practical psychotherapeutic skills by linking theoretical knowledge with real-world applications. Our aim is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of diverse treatment modalities and case analysis techniques from various therapeutic perspectives. Through interactive case discussions, roleplays, activities, and demonstrations, attendees will acquire essential skills, tools, and methods associated with different counselling approaches.

Topics Covered

1. Psychodynamic Approach: 

Gain insight into the psychodynamic approach, which emphasises the influence of the unconscious mind and early experiences on behaviour. Explore key concepts such as transference, countertransference, and defense mechanisms. Learn practical techniques for uncovering unconscious patterns and facilitating self-awareness in clients, enhancing their capacity for change and personal growth.

2. Narrative Therapy: 

Discover the principles of narrative therapy, which focuses on the stories clients tell about their lives. Learn to help clients reframe and rewrite their narratives to empower them and promote change. Explore techniques for identifying dominant stories, deconstructing negative self-beliefs, and fostering alternative, strength-based narratives that support clients’ well-being and growth.

3. Behavioural Therapies: 

Dive into the world of behavioural therapies that focus on observable behaviours and their patterns. Explore strategies like reinforcement, exposure therapy, and cognitive-behavioural techniques to modify maladaptive behaviours and promote change. Learn how to design effective behaviour modification plans, track progress, and empower clients to develop new coping skills and achieve their therapeutic goals.

4. Gestalt Therapy:

Immerse yourself in the Gestalt approach, which emphasises awareness, integration, and the present moment. Explore techniques such as empty chair work, focusing on bodily sensations, and exploring unresolved emotions. Learn to help clients develop a fuller awareness of their experiences, enhance their self-understanding, and integrate fragmented aspects of themselves for greater wholeness and personal growth.

5. Field Visit: 

Participants will also gain exposure to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) focused on mental health advocacy and support.



Jul 06 - 28 2024


Saturday & Sunday
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm




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