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Personality Disorders & it’s Interventions

Join us for this insightful webinar as we delve into the complexities of personality disorders and explore evidence-based strategies for effective intervention and therapeutic approaches. As a mental health practitioner or an aspiring psychologist, it’s crucial to deepen our understanding of these disorders and refine our therapeutic approaches to provide optimal support for individuals facing these challenges.

  • Introduction to Personality Disorders:
    Explore the defining characteristics and diagnostic criteria of various personality disorders. Understand the impact of these disorders on individuals’ daily functioning and relationships.
  • Etiology and Development:
    Examine the multifaceted factors contributing to the development of personality disorders. Discuss the interplay between genetic, environmental, and psychosocial factors.
  • Assessment Techniques:
    Gain insights into comprehensive assessment methods for identifying and diagnosing personality disorders. Discuss the importance of differential diagnosis and co-occurring conditions.
  • Evidence-Based Interventions:
    Explore a range of therapeutic modalities proven effective for different personality disorders. Discuss cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches.
  • Case Studies and Practical Applications:
    Dive into real-world case studies illustrating the application of interventions in diverse clinical settings. Discuss the nuances of adapting interventions to individual needs and treatment contexts.





Mar 29 - 30 2024


Friday- Saturday
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Online Event
Google Meet / Zoom


Karma Center
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