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Feb 27 - 28 2024


Tuesday - Wednesday
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Substance Use Disorders and it’s interventions

Our upcoming workshop on Substance Use Disorders is designed to provide participants with a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge on various substance-related disorders and practical exposure through engaging case studies and role-playing exercises. The workshop will also cover various interventions of Substance Use Disorders. 

  • Theoretical Foundations: Participants will gain a deep understanding of substance use disorders, their classifications, and their impact on individuals and society, along with the neurobiology and psychological aspects contributing to addiction.
  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Participants will learn effective tools and methods for assessing substance use disorders and understand the diagnostic criteria according to recognized classification systems.
  • Treatment Approaches: Participants can discover various treatment modalities, including pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, and behavioral interventions. There will also be discussions on harm reduction strategies and relapse prevention. 
  • Practical Exposure through Case Discussion and Role Plays: Participants can apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios through interactive case studies and role-plays.