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Feb 06 - 29 2024


Tuesday & Thursday
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm



Supervision 101 (12 Hours)

Supervision 101 will address critical topics like gender identities, sexual orientations, and kink awareness to build competence for psychologists. Through supportive mentoring, we will navigate difficult conversations around at-risk clients, self-harm, professional boundaries, and therapeutic approaches. Our supervision will focus on developing skills in therapy while managing conflicts. We will foster an open and thoughtful environment to discuss these complex issues, using case studies and guided discussions with psychologists to enhance learning. Our goal is to produce knowledgeable, compassionate therapists equipped to serve today’s diverse clients.

  • Supervision and growth as a therapist: Supervision is an integral part of every therapist’s professional development and practice. Our supervisor will aim to provide supportive, constructive oversight to help therapists gain skills, and knowledge, and provide the best care to their clients.
  • Addressing Sexuality: Sexuality is a core part of human identity and experience. It shapes our relationships, self-image, and well-being in foundational ways. Understanding and supporting healthy sexual development is thus vital for psychologists. Handled appropriately, sexuality can be a great source of meaning, while mishandled it often causes deep distress. Guiding people towards sexual wholeness is essential.
  • Addressing Kink: a space where participants would learn to provide non-judgmental, empathetic support to individuals exploring kinks. Discover how kinks intersect with identity, self-discovery, and mental well-being, fostering a holistic approach to mental health care. Through case studies, discussions, and ethical considerations, participants will gain valuable insights into creating a safe environment for clients to explore their kinks and enhance their emotional growth.

Note: Early bird offer ends on 31st January 2024.