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Feb 23 - 24 2024


Friday & Saturday
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Thematic Apperception Test

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) was developed by Henry A. Murray and Christina Morgan in the 1930s. TAT is a widely used projective test used for people across different age groups. It essentially involves building a story around ambiguous scenes through a series of cards. The content of these stories provide a getaway into the underlying dynamics of an individual’s interpersonal relationships, self-attitudes, defence mechanisms & personality traits. Join our expert Clinical Psychologist in this two-day workshop.

A brief overview of the topics that will be covered during this two-day workshop are enlisted below: 

  • History and Overview of TAT: an introduction to rationale behind development, basic assumptions and alternate versions of use 
  • Theoretical Constructs: broad understanding of ego, needs and presses, motivations, emotions and core personality conflicts 
  • Administration: orienting the participants to instructions, use and description of different cards, selection of cards, recording of responses, questioning and inquiry
  • Scoring and Interpretation: Different methods of interpretation,  interpreting responses through case illustrations, identifying nature of anxieties, main defenses against conflicts and interpretation of the ego.
  • Clinical Implications: expanding on indications for use and applicability in contemporary practice