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The Campus Ambassador team at KCCW consists of undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students from different colleges across India. Campus Ambassador (CA) is a Karma Representative at their campus, who becomes a connecting link between college and Karma,  who spreads the word about the organization at their respective institutions. One of the key responsibilities is spreading the word about the organisation at the campus. The hours are not fixed and the CA can work remotely.

Being a CA offers an opportunity to interact with licenced and trained psychologists. Consequently, it will be facilitative in enhancing various personal skills such as communication, networking, leadership, problem-solving, marketing, and much more.

campus ambassador for karma centre for counselling and wellbeing

who can be a campus ambassador?

Psychology Students pursuing under-graduation & post-graduation from any university or college across India.

  •   Marketing via social media & word-of-mouth
  •   Pitching collaborations with schools, colleges & corporates
  •   Recommending themes that we can cover on our social media
  •   Understanding the needs of students at your campus
  •   Suggesting how we could make our programs cater better to students’ needs
  •   Attending monthly meetings
  •   Writing a monthly report
  •   Campus Ambassador of the Month gets a gift voucher worth Rs.500
  •   All campus ambassadors can attend one class per month for free
  •   Special discounts on our events and workshops
  •   Certificate (on completion of 3 months)
  •   Letter of Recommendation (on completion of the annual term)
  •   Network with Practicing Psychologists & Psychology Students from different colleges
  •   Peek Behind-the-Scenes of a Queer Affirmative Mental Health Organization
  •   Get Featured on our social media handles (including LinkedIn & Instagram)

campus ambassador of the month

what do our ambassadors say?

I started as a Campus Ambassador at Karma in January 2020 & I have learnt so much from this experience since then. I love being at Karma because people here are open to suggestions & ideas, are so consistent & always pay attention to the smallest of details to make their events a success.
Sanyukta Agrawal
I have had a very fulfilling experience being a Campus Ambassador at Karma. The monthly meetings are something that I have eagerly looked forward to each month. I've not only learnt a lot about marketing but have also had the chance to interact with the empathetic team at Karma who has provided me with so much love & affection.
Vedika Khanna
My experience with Karma has been very amazing. Although I joined a month ago as Campus Ambassador, the environment here is very delightful. We have monthly meetings in which we discuss deep issues & give insights into the issues we are facing as campus ambassadors. I am really happy to be a part of the Karma family.
Bhoomi Chawla

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