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We are dedicated to bring about healthy change within the community and try doing it in different ways!


Karma x MensXP

LGBTQIA+ and Mental Health
This month-long collaboration alongside MensXP focused on providing the general population access to mental health services. The collaboration was divided into two aspects. The first part focused on providing counseling sessions to individuals at rebated rates. The sessions were taken by the counseling psychologists at Karma Center. The second part of the project was a free 4 part webinar series discussing the LGBTQIA+ community and the various factors that affect the community and their mental health. The collaboration was a huge success and garnered a lot of participation.

Karma x India Vision Foundation

Project Sukoon
Project Sukoon was a collaboration between India Vision Foundation and Karma Center to provide accessible mental healthcare to inmates at the Gurugram prison. This pilot project focused on creating a model that worked to provide online counselling facilities to inmates between the ages of 18-21 years. Post assessment tests indicated that there was positive change amongst the population that the psychologists had worked with.

Karma Chalets & Karma Lakelands

Hospitality Industry and Mental Health
This two day workshop was conducted for the employees at Karma Chalets and Karma Lakelands separately, to get them in touch with their own emotions and mental health. Being in the hospitality field is difficult, and with the onset of COVID, people in the industry were affected even more. The psychologists at Karma Center focused on helping the participants recognize their own needs, strengths and coping mechanisms and also gave them multiple ways by which they could incorporate self care into their daily routines.

Dove and University of West England, UK

Self Esteem and Body Image
Dove and University of West England, UK collaborated with Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing for a 2 year research project on Self Esteem and Body Image. Dove developed evidence-based educational resources to promote body confidence among adolescent children aged 11-13 years old through lessons in schools and workshops for youth groups. The role of Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing was to provide Psychologists who underwent intensive training from the UK Team in order to be fully equipped with delivering 5 session modules in various schools across NCR.

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