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Karma Centre for Counselling & Wellbeing is a multidisciplinary holistic wellbeing-focused Mental Health Organisation (not clinic) that believes in therapeutic, holistic and healthy approach to overall wellbeing. We are also a training centre focused on providing professional trainings to help map the future of mental health profession. We believe in working with recognition of the intersectionality of multiple identities, the complexity of lived experiences, and the interconnectedness of various oppression structures such as racism, sexism, classism, ableism etc. Here at Karma, our queer affirmative counsellors are available for your mental wellness needs. Come experience our safe space created for you.

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While mental health problems like depression and anxiety certainly warrant attention, it is a myth that only people suffering from a mental illness should seek professional help. Counsellors offer help in coping with all aspects of life such as stress, relationship problems, death of loved ones, substance use and abuse, and eating disorders among others.

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Our expert Clinical Psychologists, licensed by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), specialize in providing psychotherapeutic treatment for core clinical, emotional and behavioural disorders. Along with therapeutic help we also provide psycho-diagnostic evaluations and testing for different psychiatric disorders, developmental and intellectual functioning as well as personality assessments.

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Working with children is a completely different experience. Children have unique needs and hence require specialized services and techniques that can cater to their needs. Our psychologists ensure that they give the children autonomy even as minors, to ensure that they feel heard and respected in the space.

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We can understand that selecting a career can cause a certain amount of worry and confusion. However, at Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing, we aim to address and diffuse your doubts by giving you appropriate information to determine your career trajectory regardless of age or previous career path. Additionally, we make this process a fun, insightful experience.

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Karma Center provides a wide range of long-term (Internship) and short-term workshops series to those within the field and outside the field to explore psychology.

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Supervision services are for already established professionals. Getting timely support for personal and professional experiences is necessary to avoid stress, burnout, and skill stagnation. We offer supervision services for both behaviourally and psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapists.

A psychotherapy practitioner needs to evolve personally to gain better self-awareness and knowledge to further refine their counselling skills. We offer Mentoring services for early career psychology students (master's students) and practitioners.

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A student’s time in school is integral to their individual development into an adult. Our unique and out-of-the-box programs for school students, equip them with access to topics not touched upon in a school setup while giving them a better understanding of the world and themselves.

We at Karma Center aim to help design happier and more productive workplaces. We offer psychological interventions based on current Organisational research to improve employee wellbeing & structure workplace policies/culture that are beneficial for both, the employees & the organization.

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We have an exciting update!

Six years ago, we started Karma Center for Counselling & WellBeing with limited ideas, resources and a dream. A dream of making mental health resources available in a sex positive, queer affirmative and accessible way to people in Delhi, since then we have seen growth and the ability to cater to our populations in the margins. It has been heartwarming to see our efforts go global over the years. What started small and has gained so much momentum as an organisation since then. It is with immense pleasure that I announce the launch of our new website!

The shift to online mode of working influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic has made me realize the importance of having a website that is people-oriented and easy-to-use. The first website was made by me using a simple template structure but at the time it gave direction to the vision that was still under construction! This website has been developed on a more professional level. While thinking about sections to add, It brought me great joy to see the way our service offerings have evolved and expanded to include, say supervision for new therapists or  working with prison mental health, to name a few. 

The excitement is palpable, as our in house psychologist and interns have put in all their efforts to create this new website. The team has incorporated various aspects to make it a smooth navigating experience for our users. 

Karma is more than just an organization, it is a family. Our family is growing and we could not be more grateful. This month we reached the 3k milestone on Instagram, and I would like to wholeheartedly thank all our subscribers for this as well.

I would like to again thank you all for being a part of our journey and supporting us. I hope this family continues to grow with the same love and support from each and every one of you!!

Manavi Khurana

Founder & Counselling Psychologist

Karma Center for Counselling & Well-Being

Karma Center for Counselling & Wellbeing, F7/7, Block F, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057, India