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Karma Center provides a wide range of long-term (Internship) and short-term workshops series to those within the field and outside the field to explore psychology.
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Different workshop series at Karma:
  • Long-term workshop series: This primarily caters to college going students offering students opportunities to explore topics beyond what they are taught in college. The psychologists try to impart as much of their practical experience as a part of the course and involve the use of role-plays and case studies as a part of the course. These can also be curated specifically for college students. 
  • Short-term workshop series: These can range from single day workshops to week long workshop series. They can range from regular topics to more contemporary and unexplored topics. As an organization we try to touch on topics that push for a more intersectional approach and can be explored by even those who are not in the field. 



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Karma has been rated as one of the best counselling centres in Delhi NCR