corporate mental health

We at Karma Center aim to help design happier and more productive workplaces. We offer psychological interventions based on current Organisational research to improve employee wellbeing & structure workplace policies/culture that are beneficial for both, the employees & the organization.

our services include

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Our Services Include:
  • Manager training and consultation: Spot/counter signs of burnout and stress in employees, deal with difficult employees, decrease absenteeism levels and increase productivity, manage older workers, Deal with common mental health problems at work, Help employees return to work after periods of long sickness or absence, understand and improve employee motivation
  • Corporate training/workshops in areas pertaining to Stress management, team building, conflict negotiation, work/life Balance, change management employee relocation
  • Employee assistance programs/employee counselling: We provide support and counselling to employees to help them cope with personal/work related issues which affect their performance at work. Employees are provided confidential counselling services which include telephonic, web based and face-to-face counselling
  • Enhancing the work environment: Working with and creating new policies, working on workplace culture 

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Karma has been rated as one of the best counselling centres in Delhi NCR