child specific services

Working with children is a completely different experience. Children have unique needs and hence require specialized services and techniques that can cater to their needs. Our psychologists ensure that they give the children autonomy even as minors, to ensure that they feel heard and respected in the space.
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our services include

child therapy
Our areas of expertise in counselling services include but are not limited to
  • Holistic sex education
  • Gender and sexuality psycho-education
  • Psychotherapy/individual counselling for children, adolescents and parent/caregiver (for behaviour and emotional difficulties)
  • Family intervention including parental guidance, counselling and psycho-education
  • Assessment and therapy with children using play and other contemporary techniques
  • Home and social skills development program
  • Emotional Quotient (EQ) development and management
  • Developmental and vocational guidance activities
  • Educational and training programs for parents, children and schools

assessments and remedial education services

Intended to educate students in the skills that are required to successfully complete gateway courses, seek admission or academic promotion and complete a program of study. This is achieved by identifying the gaps in basic academic skills and bridging them by developing the missing skill set.

  • Assessments required by schools and institutions e.g, intelligence testing (IQ testing)
  • Counselling families of children with various disabilities such as ADHD, LD, Dyslexia, etc.
  • Sessions for school staff, counsellors and teachers for effective management of children with exceptionalities.

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