The Power of Music

Missed a deadline at work today. I lost my dog, Sheru. My husband and I had a fight before we left for work again. I am so unprepared for tomorrow’s exam. My parents will never understand my sexuality. Will the university have provisions for people with a disability? I’m terrified to go to the dentist. 


We often find ourselves stuck in situations, or thoughts which can cause anxiety, worry, fear, uneasiness, or nervousness. The intensity of these feelings can vary from person to person, and each of us has our own way to cope with them or be a mere witness to them. I’m here to share the story of something that helped and still helps me immensely. 


Music. Research at John Hopkins university shows that listening to music is the best brain workout. It can help reduce stress, blood pressure, anxiety and boosts the mood, memory, and sleeping habits.


It is believed that 40,000 years ago a man named Jubal played the flute which led to the creation of music for Amphion, a son of the God Zeus. Bullshi*t? 


However it is also presumed that humans used different sounds to express anger, joy, or fear and hence, these sounds were later set in rhythm to further create/invent music. I have always debated this theory as I feel music was ‘discovered’ and not ‘invented’ because if we think about it, there is music in everything around us. It has been ever since the BIG BANG. There is music, even in silence. From the sound of wind to the rustling of leaves is music. From the gently whipersing waves to the thundering large waves is music. 


Traveling in an airplane for someone who has an immense fear of flights can be one of the most challenging experiences for a person. I was that person. I could feel my chest bloat up, and my throat gulp up with fear, anxiety, and restlessness. I could feel the eyes of the air hostess on me as I shook my legs in nervousness and watched my hands shiver. We were seconds away from take off, and I had realized how heightened my auditory senses had become to each sound the planes’ jet engine, gear, and tyre were making. All of a sudden I had procured the inside of Clark Kent’s ear and was exerting his Superman Hearing power (the ability to hear sounds at many frequencies and over great distances, with incredible clarity). Yes! I am exaggerating the Superman bit. It’s my story. 


The little chit chat between the passengers did not seem to be a distraction either. I was stuck. The plane was now making its last turn before the climax (take off). I knew it was about to get louder and I would probably explode if this big stone of fear and anxiety in my chest was not removed. As I sat there thoughtless, with no plan of action, I felt my hand grab my earphones and my phone, plugged my earphones in those Superman ringing ears and played, Don’t stop me now by Queen.

There was suddenly an epiphany of relief. It’s absolutely amazing and fascinating to see how just a few sound beats can make your mood shift, help let go of unwanted thoughts, or enhance your daily routine.


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