Youth Disillusionment

know more about youth disillusionment

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, in its 16th edition, identified “youth disillusionment” as one of the “top blind spots” that might have substantial negative consequences in the future. The report defines it as the young generation’s “disengagement and lack of confidence and/or loss of trust with existing economic, political, and social structures at […]

Climate Change & Mental Health

climate change and mental health issues due to rising sea levels

While climate change poses a global threat on the environmental space, it has grown to immaculately impact the masses’ health and mental well-being. The unequivocal changes observed in varied climates have manifested repercussions in the form of global warming, melting ice caps, wildlife extinction and a risk for human health. While little is spoken about […]

‘ACT NOW’ For Better Employee Mental Health

ACT NOW for better employee mental health

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy? Well, not sure about dullness, but whether it be Jack, Jill, Jane, or Julie, one thing we are confident about is that all work and no play can wreak havoc on an individual’s mental health. Let’s ACT NOW! Today, numerous studies indicate that workplace stress […]

Relationships: The Concept of N3C’s

How much do you know about relationships?

Have you ever thought why do you want to be in relationships? What are your needs? In any relationship, we often have expectations, and desire certain things from our partner, but have we ever thought where those needs arise from? Some may want attachment, affiliation or even financial security whether others may need more intimacy. […]

Living In The Social Dilemma

Social Dilemma

The central theme of the currently trending documentary drama, The Social Dilemma revolves around a major problem that even though is happening in the tech industry, doesn’t have a name. When the interviewer asks experts from diverse industries whether there’s a problem and if yes, what is the problem, there’s a minute of pause taken […]

Mental Health & Politics – The Fault Lines We Don’t See

Do you know how politics affect mental health?

Over years of discourse in the field of psychology, it is commonly agreed upon that mental health encompasses our emotional, social & psychological well-being. A disturbance in or disregard for any of these elements could result in varying levels of distress experienced by individuals. We are all uniquely wired with our set of vulnerabilities, strengths […]

Mental Health During COVID-19

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your mental health?

Before I get started with mental health and the pandemic, I want to address that there are lots of individuals in our country who don’t have access to basic necessities – a stable environment, access to food, the influx of income. Additionally, I’d like to acknowledge our healthcare workers and caregivers for putting themselves at […]

Bullying and Cyberbullying

bullying and cyberbullying

Experiences, interactions, and environment are a few factors which shape a person’s personality. However, not every interaction or experience is always pleasant. As human beings we like to believe the best in people but because of bitter experiences in the past maybe that faith does start fading away. Lately there has been an increase in […]

Emotional Neglect in Childhood

Emotional Neglect in Childhood

A child’s relationship with their parent or caregiver, especially during formative years, plays a significant role in shaping the child, their behaviours, world-view, attitudes and emotions. There are a lot of ways that parenting can go wrong, both, intentionally and unintentionally, which can lead to emotional neglect. When our parents are attuned to our needs, […]

Relationships: Managing Conflicts With Your Partner During The Pandemic

How to deal with conflicts in relationships?

Relationships take a lot of time and effort from the people invested in it. Along with reciprocating the feelings, what healthy relationships also need is adequate space and time to be yourself. Due to the current circumstances of a lockdown there is an unusual situation at home. If an individual is living with their partner, […]